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PG Dating Pro – Reviewing methods of monetization

April 4th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Online Dating

This review includes a description of the available ways to monetize a dating site built with the Dating Pro software. We would like to share with you some special details that can help you make your new dating site or an established dating site a profitable business.

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1. Lift up service

This fee-based service allows site users to appear in the top of search results with suitable criteria for a certain fee, which is set by the site owner through the administration panel.

The service can be made active/inactive at any time, also through the administration panel.

2. Carousel

A carousel is a slider with user pictures that are visible on every page of user mode. The site administrator can configure where to show a carousel – in the top under the main menu and the search bar, or in the left column under “Shout box.” Payments for the carousel service are accepted and valid for a certain period of time. The site owner sets this period, price and some other settings in the appropriate section.

3. Refer a friend

Using this service, dating site users can invite their friends to join the site. A user gets a certain amount of money credited to his/her internal account for each registered user.

Administrator’s profit in this case is mediated, so they do not receive any money directly, but rather they share it with the site members. But thanks to this feature, the administrator is able to expand their user database, which will eventually lead to greater profits and include the growth of the subscriber base.

4. Virtual currency

This is a great way to make a unique dating site. In fact, the site owner invents the name of the site currency himself.

In addition, credit packages are being sold for real money.

When virtual currency is enabled on the site, users will be able to pay for site services and membership from their internal account only.

5. Members donations

This is a great opportunity for site members to help other users. Each user can pay the membership fee for themselves and/or other users. The recipient has the option of accepting or refusing a gift. The site owner earns a percentage for each transfer/prepaid membership period.

6. Calls

Another way for users to communicate with each other is calls. The call will go through a third-party service called The phone numbers of both users remains a secret, so you do not have to worry about safety or anonymity. The site administrator can earn a price percentage per minute for calls. You can check the prices on the official website of the call provider.

7. Giftshop

You can easily install and use this add-on to the Dating Pro engine to start selling any products. Site users will be able to give each other gifts.

Here’s how it works: a user pays for a gift, and then the recipient (another site user) gets the opportunity to specify the address where he/she wants the gift to be sent. Shipping can be done either through the site admin or a third-party company. Users can not only give gifts to other people on the site, but they can also order something for themselves.

A gift shop is a good way to attract attention to your site, especially during the holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and so on.

With the help of a targeting tool, you can show a specific category of goods/gifts only to users from a particular country or a particular type of users (example: men/women).

8. E-cards

Beautiful images are delivered to users’ internal mailbox with a greeting message (or even with musical accompaniment) from the sender. Naturally, the site administrator loads all the pictures and music files and distributes them in different categories. Cards can be dedicated to a specific topic – whether it’s your site’s theme, the time of year, the closest holiday, and so on. E-cards can be both paid and free.

9. Games

This is another add-on which allows site owner to embed online game codes. Games will be displayed in user mode. There are many providers of such online games. They can be dedicated to different topics, and some cost as little as a penny (some are even free). Site owners can give paid access to the games module and set the price for a certain period (a number of days).

10. Fee for viewing a video

There’s an interesting possibility of working with flash video chat provider 123FlashChat: they have integrated a special module called 123PPVSoftware into Dating Pro, which allows you to borrow money for video viewing – per-minute or for access in general (

There are also other ways to make profit with the help of your dating site. In this article, we have tried to list the most interesting and popular tools for making money through online dating sites. There are other methods that you can use, including paid site memberships, paid access to different site sections, advertising (AdSense), banners exchange, and many others. We will be glad to hear your comments.

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