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How to Use Pinterest for Your Dating Site Promo

August 6th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Online Dating

dating site promotion on PinterestPinterest is one of most popular social networks. Below are our recommendsations how to use it to make your dating site more popular.

1. Add a Pinterest “Follow” and/or “Pin It” Button
One important way to let your clients and prospects know about your presence on Pinterest is to add a Pinterest button.

Pinterest has several options, like Twitter. For a dating site it’s more valuable to have “Pin it” button for images at a website and at the main site page. Make sure your logo and a special message are transferred when the button is pressed. It can be hard coded.

2. Brands and Pinterest
Use your special site email to associate with your site’s Pinterest profile. Create a small icon for your brand. It’s usually imported from the account you are registering with. So the best way is actually to register with your branded Twitter account. It already has everything you need.

3. Crowdsource
Lauren Drell‘s tip about crowdsourcing can be very effective for brands. She suggests you ask fans of your brand to pin pictures of themselves with their favorite product of yours and tag you, then you can repin those photos onto a VIP board.

In case of online dating, that may be difficult. It may only work if you are sending special goods to your members like T-shirts, caps, bags. Or you can ask them to make photo with your logo.

4. Do Follow Links in descriptions
Pinterest can have a great SEO value for you. Every pin has a link to a source. For now, it looks like “do follow” links can only be added to the pin description.

5. Etiquette
Be objective and try not to promote yourself too much. Add dating news, special tips for your members, fashion deals etc. Search for other pins that may be interested to your community and re-pin them.

6. Focus Group
Use Pinterest as a focus group. You can easily see the list of people who liked your pins and then investigate who they are following/liking to understand what else may be interesting to your target audience. It helps for niche dating sites. Then you can decide which news to deliver at your own dating site to make them stay longer.

7. Grow Your Pinterest Pins and Boards
Pin and maintain your boards regularly to keep your Pinterest presence alive and well. By looking at popular pins, you’ll also get an idea of the type of content that the Pinterest community tends to favor.

Technically you’ll be able to see what type of dating, relationships is popular now and react on it fast enough.

8. How to Use Pinterest
Ask yourself on “What types of pinboards will enhance your brand image?” and pin something that would be completing that image every day.

9. Install the “Pin It” Bookmarklet to Your Browser
The Pin It bookmarklet lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your pinboards. It’s a convenient way of doing things if you are busy but always surfind the net.

You can find the bookmarklet on Pinterest’s goodies page.

10. Keywords and Hashtags
Use keywords in pin’s description. That way they will be easier to be found by other people (potential users of your dating service). You can also add hashtags at the end of your message (ex: #dating).

Do not use too many of them. It may be considered as spam.

11. Link Back to Your Own Sites
Want to make sure that people can find you online? Be sure to add links to your company website and Twitter page on your Pinterest profile. You can also bring users to specific web pages by adding the URL in the pin description.

One tip: if your image’s url is too long DO NOT use a shortener as Pinterest will ban it. Use the long url even if it’s looking ugly.

12. Me + Contributors
Pinterest has great collaborative functionality with the “me+contributor” posting capability where you can allow others to contribute to your boards (note: they must already be one of your followers to be added).

So you can engage some of your dating site’s members to contribute.

13 Referral Traffic
Track the sales/traffic. Make sure you are checking now and then how certain Pins are influencing your business.

14. Search for Pins From Your Website or Blog
Want to see what’s being pinned about your dating website? We can see everything that has been pinned about your company.

Tip: Substitute your company URL ( YOUR URL HERE) to see what’s been shared from your website.

15. Videos
You can pin videos together with images. BTW if the video is embedded on your website, the pin actually pins its image, not the video link. You need the source url to pin the actual video. Creating a video about your dating website and pinning it is definitely a great idea.

16. Welcome and Encourage Comments
Create interest by asking a question (e.g., “Guess where was this photo taken?”, “Tell us what you think of our new product offerings.”). Use your new pins and boards as opportunities to converse with users on Pinterest.

Online dating users like images with some sayings, proverbs etc.

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