online dating news
online dating news

build your own community with the help of SocialBizWith the great new software by, there are many advantageous ways to make money by utilizing your existing community site or creating a new e-discovery
site with online dating elements to make real money.

One of the best ways to make money with your dating and social networking site is to build a community based on virtual currency. With all the various sites on the web, virtual currency is becoming a trend among the young and old. It is similar to playing games on the web, the new penny auction sites that are sweeping the nation and other popular websites and businesses online. (more…)

PG social networking softwareCommunication is an important part of our life. We use any tool to get connected with people. Old ways don’t work as effective as online tools any more. Mentality being changed, social networking market is growing rapidly
replacing TV, print media, phone, post cards.

We go to social networks every day to see what our friends are doing, check on photos and meet new people. The level of unnecessary noise is too high though at such communities. Niche social networking is now the more effective way addressing the needs of your crowd. (more…)

enterprise_social_networking_software.JPGEnterprises and big companies are using social networking to keep in touch with clients, attract new customers, promote their brand and form communities. Public social networks are not very suitable for this as a corporation basically advertises someone else, trying to attract thousands of people to fan pages or into groups. At the end of the day, you do not own the database of your fan club, cannot export it. This may be a problem created later in the time

are many issues to be addressed here: data security, brand promotion and growth possibilities. Public social networks do not allow that. The smartest solution is to own a social networking website and start building your own enterprise community there. You have a database, all you need is a set of options users would expect at any community site: profiles, registrations, user walls and connections, blogs, comments, uploads and galleries.

Ready-made enterprise social networking software PG SocialPrise has it all. It’s not a public social network or “software as a service” offer. It’s a turnkey community building software.
The best thing is that you pay only once and can install your site anywhere you need: corporate servers or usual hosting. You have access to the source code and data, can manage users and site settings easily from online. Free support and installation are always there for you. Your enterprise community site is up and running, secure and available for modifications. Content is totally controlled. Brand is remembered and recognized. (more…)

Social Networking is all about relationship. People want to see people they may know or old friends and follow their life. Dating sites do not give such an opportunity. That’s why communities are so popular right now on the internet. Any social network features profiles, photos, walls, comments, ratings.

Niche social networking is a way to go for closed or professional communities. Niches
offer online entrepreneur a great opportunity to start their own social network and attract the right crowd. There are lots of ways of monetizing your audience: targeted online advertising, additional services, virtual currency & gifts, company pages.

Companies, though, may be cautious about starting their community on a basis of public engine, which is run out of someone’s server. There are reasons for it. First, if you use groups or pages on popular social networks like Facebook or Linked in, you do not own the content and user database. You so to say lease the space. At the end of the day you promote someone else’s
brand, not yours. Besides, what happens if that social network crashes one day? SAAS solutions won’t do either (because of monthly fees and not owning the platform). (more…)