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PG Job Site Pro provides you with the opportunity of owning your own, fully built job website script, without any of the stress, hassle, or technical knowledge necessary when creating a multi-level website. PG Job Site Pro offers the quickest and easiest means of either incorporating a job board script into your existing website, offering your visitors an additional feature, or with its advanced management tools, for both employer and job seeker alike, can be deployed as a full feature, stand-alone website with full e-commerce support.

The PG Job Site Pro offers the ideal solution for people who want to add a level of customization to their website, but without all the necessary design, coding and need for technical website-building skills. All sections of the job board script can be customized, if required, from the admin pages, allowing you to build a job website for any vacancies, in any part of the world.

Why Choose PG Job Site Pro?

Our job website script, built on PHP/MySQL offers the best advanced management tools of any web based application, with easy to use custom settings allowing the website to be set-up and run for a variety of uses, such as a specific job site, one for a country or industry, or used as a general site, displaying a wide selection of both vacancies, and people searching for a new challenge, job or vocation.

With very little computer skill or knowledge, Job Site Pro can be set up to create either a job board, or a recruitment agency website.Simply access the admin panel, set the language, and main page to your own requirements, and customize any parts of the job website script that you wish, such as the placing of advertising banners, or Google Adsense to make an extra revenue stream, and your set to go. Once launched, you can use your site to charge for job postings, or use the job board script to provide temporary workers to company’s when required.

PG Job Site Pro comes complete as the ultimate job board script, offering full monetization. Fully fitted, with pre-installed payment gateways, as well as easy banner placement for the sale of advertising space, all you need to do is create an account, insert your details into the clearly defined areas on the admin panel, and you’re ready to start receiving the payments, with the money flowing directly into your account.

Making money with PG Job Site Pro is easy, with so many people searching for both part-time, and full-time, as well as temporary and casual vacancies, the opportunities to increase people’s profiles with the job search, sell advertising space, or set-up and introduce your own recruitment agencies are endless. Provided with 20 hour, 6 days a week support, all fully included in the price, as well as installation and consulting, PG Job Pro offers the best job board script currently available, and at such a low cost, must be considered when wishing to build your own job board website.

No more winter! No more frozen sites! We are going to present the blossom of features and a blooming design on a totally new platform.

We know you are tired of cold and bugs; you need sunshine and speedy site. We cannot rule the nature but we managed to develop a nice piece of coding for you this winter. Job Site Pro is going to be such a powerful job script that you won’t believe it. And you shouldn’t. What we are going to do is to make you check it yourself. Beta testing start is scheduled for late April. But now we can’t help discovering some enjoyable features Job Site Pro will contain.

First and the most important, we carefully moved our dear Job Site Pro to the entirely new platform, cutting off all superfluous and thoroughly reviewing the content and interface of each section. Now we are sure to provide you with the most pristine coding this script ever consisted of.

Second joyful thing – our job board script is going to be totally SEO friendly. There is a large section in admin devoted to SEO settings of your job site. Enjoy and be careful!

Third one is that design of Job Site Pro is easily customizable from the admin panel. You can now change the look and feel of the site right from the admin panel using the powerful inbuilt tool. Feel yourself a designer!

Another great thing will please the present and future Job Site Pro owners. We have carefully thought through and implemented a system of payment services which will satisfy the most discerning job board owners. Go charge everyone for everything! Or no one for nothing!

And like a spring awakens the nature, we want to awaken all our existing clients. Our dear Job Site Pro owners, no matter how long ago you bought our job board software, we will be glad to provide you with this fresh spring edition with no charge. It’s not a joke! It’s long-awaited spring!