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event registration software logoWhat’s new?

New version of PG Events software – PG Events 2011 is released!

Being initially developed as event registration software, PG Events was extended to an Event Portal where both site members and administrator create events. Events publication by site members can be enabled or disabled, set free or paid.

Improvements in event description:

- Time-zone choice;

- Specification of program file name;

- Max number of tickets for an event;

- A drop-down to purchase several tickets at a time; Read the rest of this entry »

Daydreaming about starting an event management business? Maybe you have already worked in the events industry and think about working for yourself. Or perhaps your organized meetings in the past and feel it your life’s passion. Both are good reasons for acquiring the profession.

Starting an event management business is similar to starting a relationship – it’s required to possess appropriate skills and follow some important steps to achieve success.

Gain Event Managing Skills and Experience

Scoring a success is based on event manager solid grasp, steady skills and experience:

  • Verbal and written communications
  • Organization and time management
  • Negotiation and budget management
  • Creativity, marketing, public relations and more. Read the rest of this entry »

A quick guide on how to find a job related with planning of parties, conferences, exhibitions through recruitment agencies, online resources and work placements.

If you’re looking for a job full of variety, social life, interaction, and job satisfaction isn’t the latest argument when choosing a job, then you may consider making a career in event management. Dating back to ancient times, this profession has come to be recognized as a stand-alone discipline only in recent years. High demand in the event registration and event management industry made recruitment agencies, online directories and courses a resource which can help you to find job and succeed in this exciting field. You should consider the following if you are looking for a career in event management and don’t know where to start:

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There is a great number of online event registration and management websites offering hosted services. One can’t deny the fact it’s a low-cost and effective way to bring registrations when you are just starting or trying an online promotion.

When business grows it’s time to think of launching a website to increase the opportunities – to publish corporate events, keep subscribers updated of all latest news, share images, opinions during event sessions and after it, receive feedbacks and improve your services.

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