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A glamour model and reality TV star has set up an online dating website – strictly for BRUMMIES.

And stunning Lucy Harrold will be first in line.

Lucy, who wowed fans in ITV’s dating game show Take Me Out” has teamed up with online match-making entrepreneur Jack Knowles and PR guru Lisa Smith to launch

The 25-year-old hit on the website idea after uncovering a distinct lack of opportunities for those looking for lasting love in Birmingham.

And she should know – she’s one of them.

Lucy, who once dated England rugby star Danny Care, made her name on dating game show Take Me Out, hosted by Paddy McGuinness. She appeared on the show for weeks in 2012 before getting a man in the final episode.

“No regrets,” she laughed. “That was definitely one of the highlights of my career and I made a lot of friends who I’ve kept in touch with.”

Money may not buy love, but online relationships have certainly made a wealthy man of Jack, from Stratford-upon-Avon.

The 25-year-old’s Complete Dating empire boasts 300,000 members. And last year he teamed up with Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton to launch a cyberdating venture for single mums,

“Online dating is becoming niche and location-based,” said Jack.

Jack and Lucy have been pals for years and decided to work together after both launched dating sites.

The sexy model’s single days may be numbered, however.

Tinder is Now Compatible with Android Wear

July 15th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Online Dating - (0 Comments)

online dating app
Popular dating app Tinder anounces the application for Android Wear.

For those who doesn’t know about Tinder, it is a dating app that allows you to easily connect with men or women of your preference. You can “like” or “not like” a person, or go into their profile if you wish to learn more. If two people happen to like each other, a connection is made and you can chat away.

The link to application is

To start the application simply say “Ok Google, start Tinder.”

PG Dating software on new platform
The Dating Pro team is happy to announce the official release of the newest edition of its dating software called ‘Dating Pro Cupid’.

Dating Pro Cupid is different from any previous version of PG Dating Pro since it has been built with a new platform and both its user and admin interfaces give a completely novel look and feel.

However, true to its original mission, Dating Pro software continues to help entrepreneurs build websites where people can meet and have a fun time together. The following tools come native with the software: wall posts and likes, photo and video galleries, instant messenger and mailbox, friendship requests, and more. (more…)

Facebook’s venture into online dating

May 26th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Online Dating - (0 Comments)

Facebook has long been inadvertently a dating site. The social network has always been a place for old flames to reconnect, people to confess past crushes, and for semi-strangers to bond over a shared love of funny cat videos.

Now however Facebook is taking things a step further and putting a toe into the online dating market by adding a button that allows site visitors to ask people without a declared relationship status whether they are single. The feature is only available for some users in a limited test.

Clicking on the “Ask” brings up a dialogue box with the text, “Let (your friend) know why you’re asking for (his/her) relationship status.”

“This feature provides an easy way for friends to ask you for information that’s not already on your profile,” Facebook spokeswoman MoMo Zhou told CNN. “For example, a friend could ask where you work or for your hometown. If you choose to answer, this information is then added to your profile. By default, only you and your friend can see it, and you also have the option of sharing it with others, too.”

Read full article here.

mobile dating apps
The social structure of today’s society has us searching for love in new places, online mobile apps. We do not want to trail guys in bars or seek girls out at the grocery store only to be disappointed after several dates, if we even get one. Nowadays when you want to make a match, find a date or meet the love of your life, you go to an online dating site to find the one you seek. Mobile dating takes the online dating venue to the next level that complements our busy lives and helps us to find real live matches in minutes. The satisfaction of finding an interesting partner that shares our views on life and is also seeking companionship is a venture worth exploring.

You may find yourself out with friends having a great time when you are approached by a man or a woman who looks interesting and is also interested in you, but what do you do. You know nothing about this person, their history, and from that point of introduction you are flying blind. Sure, they may seem like a treat and somebody worth getting to know; could even be the love of your life but the interesting fact is you will never know for sure. When people meet face to face for the first time they are prone to be different from who they really are, wanting to make impressions and satisfy their carvings for attention. (more…)