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You may have heard that there is a better chance of getting loads of traffic when you offer an online job board where people can browse for jobs while they are also presented with the opportunity to see what you have to offer them on your website.

What might put you off though; Is how exactly do your start a job board site in the first place?, and how do you go about to choose a domain name that will mean something? The domain name needs to lure people to your job board when they enter certain keywords.

Further to this, you need to weigh up your options with regards to how to choose a good web hosting site where it will be easy to integrate the job board script you need to launch your new online job board with. Once you’ve got your domain name, and have your web hosting sorted, you need to have a good content management system where you can easily make changes at will without having to have a degree in science first.

Choosing a Domain Name

This is why it is important to know what domain name you need to choose. People do not always know how to go about in choosing the right domain name. There are a couple of things to consider such as; Is it better to select a domain name in a hurry in case someone else take the domain name you want first, or would it be better to take your time and consider a couple of things first, before you make the mistake of your life, by selecting a domain name that is not going to help you in the long run. Besides, you may want to integrate a job website script later on to help increase the traffic to your site, for which you would need a good hosting company.

Why It Would Be Wise To Select a Company That Offers The Complete Package

You may very well be afforded the opportunity to select a good domain name first, and then look around for a very good company who offers you the chance to benefit from a job board script that includes web hosting, should you become a member. It might be a good idea to find a company that produces either a job website script or job board script while offering you the chance to have hosting at the same time.

What is more, is that the company you select need to have excellent administrator tools and a very good content management system that will let you integrate a job board script or job website script with the click of your mouse. One such company that might be worthwhile visiting is PG Job Site Pro Solution.

dating site promotion on PinterestPinterest is one of most popular social networks. Below are our recommendsations how to use it to make your dating site more popular.

1. Add a Pinterest “Follow” and/or “Pin It” Button
One important way to let your clients and prospects know about your presence on Pinterest is to add a Pinterest button.

Pinterest has several options, like Twitter. For a dating site it’s more valuable to have “Pin it” button for images at a website and at the main site page. Make sure your logo and a special message are transferred when the button is pressed. It can be hard coded.

2. Brands and Pinterest
Use your special site email to associate with your site’s Pinterest profile. Create a small icon for your brand. It’s usually imported from the account you are registering with. So the best way is actually to register with your branded Twitter account. It already has everything you need.

3. Crowdsource
Lauren Drell‘s tip about crowdsourcing can be very effective for brands. She suggests you ask fans of your brand to pin pictures of themselves with their favorite product of yours and tag you, then you can repin those photos onto a VIP board. Read the rest of this entry »

save flash program development announceThis summer Pilot Group.NET starts developing a new version of Save Flash program.

The software will become an online application working on a cloud hosting. There will be an option to convert audio and video files into a desired format and a selected quality. This will allow playing downloaded files on any device and with an optimal quality.

Saving video feature will work with popular video hosting services such as YouTube and social networking sites such as MySpace, VKontakte and many other.

The renewed Save Flash & Video program is expected to be Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera compatible.

dating pro script - build your niche communityThis article continues a set of articles devoted to online dating sites, startups and useful tips. previous article can be found here.

A lot of entrepreneurs ask a question “How to start a dating website”. We say it’s not a problem to start a dating site. You just have to get reliable dating script. The problem is in getting new members and keeping them active.

Building a community includes:

  • finding the influencers for your niche in various social networks, blogs and in general on the net;
  • getting to know people who are talking about dating/ dating in your niche, competitors;
  • using your own network connections for a successful start. Ask your friends and colleagues to join your dating site;
  • making it easy to share from your site. Offer an easy newsletter signup & opportunities to like you on FB or Twitter;
  • building a quality dating community. Make your current users advocates for your niche community. Just note that according to a 2009 Nielsen study, 90% of consumer base trust peer recommendations, while only 33% go with online ads. So your current users will bring you better quality traffic at the end of the day;
  • being patient. It usually takes time to build an active niche dating community. You have to overcome the period of awkward talks. Keep building your member base one by one;
  • creating a space for your members to talk to each other, not to you only. Make sure they get rewarded for being active (bonuses or virtual points for example). Connect members using social discovery techniques (targeting for search results, connections based on interests and desires);
  • opening up. Show your personality. Do not hide. Add personal messages into sign up process, email alerts and announcements for your dating site members. You’ll see more signups simply because people would want to be a part of that awesome community of yours!
  • tracking every step. Collect all numbers and follow the progress. Every campaign should be measured and acted upon. If things don’t work, just put it aside and move on to something new and more exciting. Read the rest of this entry »