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PG social networking softwareCommunication is an important part of our life. We use any tool to get connected with people. Old ways don’t work as effective as online tools any more. Mentality being changed, social networking market is growing rapidly replacing TV, print media, phone, post cards.

We go to social networks every day to see what our friends are doing, check on photos and meet new people. The level of unnecessary noise is too high though at such communities. Niche social networking is now the more effective way addressing the needs of your crowd. Read the rest of this entry »

Online dating industry is changing and software side is changing, echoing the business demands. New types of communication means like speed dating and social networks crowd the scene. “Online dating” itself is painted black and ineffective by social media. Though still a lot of young people meet online and start dating afterwards. This means online dating itself became faster, more efficient and effective.

Indeed, social networking and dating have made a true blend resulting in community sites where people have fun and meet new members in a more relaxed atmosphere. Online dating web sites provide more entertainment to its members now. Free dating web sites give more value due to their database size. Read the rest of this entry »

event registration software logoWhat’s new?

New version of PG Events software – PG Events 2011 is released!

Being initially developed as event registration software, PG Events was extended to an Event Portal where both site members and administrator create events. Events publication by site members can be enabled or disabled, set free or paid.

Improvements in event description:

- Time-zone choice;

- Specification of program file name;

- Max number of tickets for an event;

- A drop-down to purchase several tickets at a time; Read the rest of this entry »