online dating news

online dating news

The Dating Pro team has updated their dating site builder and welcomes everyone to review Dating Pro Flirt script, version 2015.6.

The new release comes just two months after PG Dating Pro was named the Best Dating Software Provider at iDate Awards in Las Vegas.

Kristina Antipova, the spokesperson for Dating Pro, says that she would especially like to draw attention to the two of the new modules: LikeMe and Nearest Users.

LikeMe is a Tinder-like feature that adds the element of a game to the site and lets people do what they enjoy doing: scroll through photos and rate other site members by liking or skipping them.

The Nearest Users module makes it possible to search for dating site members on an interactive map. It is a convenient tool for those who want to find matches nearby.

“Both options are nice-to-have on any dating website because they are entertaining and completely correspond with the image of online dating in everyone’s mind,” Ms. Antipova adds.

Apart from these two, three other stand-alone modules have been released with the latest version of the Dating Pro script.

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A module called Memberships combines paid site services into memberships with unique names, prices and activity periods, providing yet another way to earn with the dating site.

Associations is a good-natured add-on that can serve as an icebreaker and help site members to start the actual conversation after comparing each other to different objects. The photos of the objects are uploaded by the site administrator.

Incomplete Signup is a useful tool that collects info about people who tried to sign up on a dating site and failed. This info can be used to get in contact with such people and see if they need help signing up.

The Video Background Theme is a new development that is equally worth being mentioned. It is one of Dating Pro’s first steps down the responsive road, and it can serve as a basis for a customer’s own video theme.

PG Dating Pro offers mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms as extra add-ons. Both the mobile version and the apps are assigned exclusively to the owner’s dating website and can be completely rebranded.

The next important group of improvements involves both the mobile version of the dating site and its mobile apps:

- Site members can now like and report photos and videos.

- There is a convenient way to switch from the mobile version to the desktop site version.

- Site visitors who use Android- or iOS-powered devices can download and install applications from Google Play or the App Store the first time they visit the dating site.

Test new features at now!

People increasingly rely on the Internet to socialize, make new friends and find romantic partners. It is not wonder that online dating sites are garnering support and interest like never before. A dating site demands time, creativity and focus from its owner, but with steady determination, it can prove to give maximum monetary rewards. If you are not so good with web development skills, you do not have to fret and feel bad.
A lot of entrepreneurs with zilch knowledge about web programming and designing and limited investment have successfullybuilt quality dating sites that have become both popular and profitable.
You also can start a dating site from scratch by using a ready dating script and turn it into a successful venture, the only thing that you need is a positive attitude and an inclination to give nothing but the best to your visitors.

Here are some tips on how you can start a dating site from scratch:

1. Find out Why You Want to Start the Site
You have to be really clear in your mind as to why you want to start the dating site. Get an idea of what kind of audience you will be catering to. In today’s era, specialization is the way to riches.At this moment, you may find it difficult to actually compete against general dating sites; so you can look for a specialized market like speed dating, college singles, dating for people above 55, dating for people with specialized interests like pet lovers, movie-going lovers, wine enthusiasts etc.

2. Register for a Domain Name
Look for a domain name that encapsulates the idea of your dating website. Ideally, the term should have a good recall value.

3. Look fora Good Hosting Company
A good hosting company to host your website should have 24/7 customer support and absolutely minimal downtime.

4. Build Your Website
You can start a website on your own with a content management platform like WordPress. You may require some coding expertise and technical knowledge to build the site on your own and incorporate value-additions. You can alternatively go for the ready online dating site software like PG Dating Pro – it will help you build your dating website in minutes and will also give you access to flexible setup options and ready design themes alongside many other features.

5. Spread the Word
Market your dating business at every given opportunity, put it on your business-card and email signature. Create a Facebook business page for your dating website. Link your dating website to various other social media channels like Twitter and Pinterest. At the same time, keep the engagement on with interesting and engaging content.

6. Monetize Your Website
You can monetize your website with contextual advertising models like Google AdSense, or tie up with affiliate marketing businesses. In the case of the latter, you can add banner of the merchant companies or put their links that can talk to their site. Once the visitor fills a form, or fills in a subscription or makes a purchase on this third-party website, you can get a percentage of revenue.
You can also offer limited number of services in the free version of your dating site. You can charge them a modest registration fee to access the premium services.

Thus, we understand that it is quite possible to create your dream to a tangible reality. You can indeed start a dating site from scratch and turn it into a lucrative proposition. All one requires is discipline, patience and a dedicated mindset. Use the above six pointers as guidelines to ensure that you are on the right path.

In the age of information technology, people have possibilities they could have never dreamed of before. Just twenty years ago, could you imagine sitting on your sofa or on a beach with your laptop while making money? You can, now.

Every day someone decides to leave a boring office job behind and start his or her own online business. It is not surprising, for running a start-up business from home offers many advantages. First of all, everything you are going to need – apart from a good business idea – is a laptop and a broadband connection. Second, being self-employed allows a person to choose their own working hours, manage their workload and set goals independently. Third, one of the biggest benefits of working from home is the chance to enjoy a better family life!

You have to have a website to launch your own business on the Internet. Think of a topic you know best and are most passionate about. Depending upon your business idea, you may go for an attractive landing page, an online store, or a full-blown content management system (CMS). Whatever the case, you can find a turnkey solution for your site, so you only need to concern yourself with addressing your target audience.

If you would like guidance along the way, and to be offered continuous and free technical support, consider software products by PilotGroup.NET.

1. The search algorithms of the PG Dating Pro script may attract your attention even if you are not that into the dating industry.

The system logic of Dating Pro site suilder is based on user types (man, woman …), user profiles, searches and interactions between site users. You can remove all references to dating and make it a social community website or a place for a local community where neighbours can meet and have discussions. You as site administrator have control over the search fields and parameters that will be available to site members. The opportunities are wide open.

2. Another product of PilotGroup.NET is PG Real Estate solution. You can use it to build a real estate portal, or a website of an independent real estate agent or agency.

The logic of this system is based on a strict division of user types (private person, agent, and agency) and the listings that they can create to advertise property. Site users can perform searches by both users (agents) and their listings.

Instead of managing real estate ads, you can use this script to sell and rent cars, boats, and so on.

All scripts by PilotGroup.NET offer built-in paid services and popular payment gateways such as PayPal and and many other gateways that you only need to activate before you can start to accept payments.

Among numerous other advantages of PHP/MySQL web site scripts by PilotGroup.NET, there is a built-in newsletter module, content management options including news and articles, dynamic blocks and a design editor that will help you change the look and feel of your site in minutes, SMTP settings, an extended SEO module, and much more.

Review the full list of software solutions by Pilot Group here.

What Makes a Good Online Dating Script

September 26th, 2014 | Posted by admin in Online Dating - (0 Comments)

With online match-making and casual dating getting more popular than ever before, creating a dating website is not only ideal at present but is also capable of offering tremendous potential in the future. With an online dating script and software, you can create that perfect website that will help many singles find their love online.

Dating scripts are tools that not only help you keep track of profiles of site members that are in your database. A good dating script provides many user-friendly features that allow your users to keep coming back to your website for more. These definitely prove to give you adequate amount of competitive edge. So when you choose a dating script make sure it gives total and complete access to easy-to-use functionalities for members, and is easy on your pocket.

When we talk about easy-to-use features, we mean simple but interesting features for your visitors to convert them into your members. For instance, the search option should be intuitive and helpful enough to give people what they are looking for. Include features that have to do with pictures, music and videos. Introduce an instant messaging chat box for your members to chat with one another, with attractive and cute smileys.

Some other features that you can include can be flash profiles, video chats, forums, games, private messaging, testimonial features, sending virtual gifts etc. A quality dating site software like Dating Pro offers enough features that are in line with your vision of starting a good and interactive dating website. Also, you do not have to break a bank to pay for a turnkey dating software. Not only is it budget-friendly, it is value for money by giving your site the independence and uniqueness it deserves.

With a good dating scriptin your hands, you can focus on building quality content and keep the interest going up. Drive traffic to your websites by advertising your website through paid advertising (PPC) or for free by submitting your site to article directories and social media channels.

It may be difficult to start a dating website from scratch but by making use of the best online dating script, you can overtake your competitors easily. You do not have to be worried about the fact that you do not have enough programming knowledge. Dating site software like PG Dating Pro can give you the lead, with its flexible and user-friendly options. So, work that fire in your belly and create a fantastic dating website now.

A glamour model and reality TV star has set up an online dating website – strictly for BRUMMIES.

And stunning Lucy Harrold will be first in line.

Lucy, who wowed fans in ITV’s dating game show Take Me Out” has teamed up with online match-making entrepreneur Jack Knowles and PR guru Lisa Smith to launch

The 25-year-old hit on the website idea after uncovering a distinct lack of opportunities for those looking for lasting love in Birmingham.

And she should know – she’s one of them.

Lucy, who once dated England rugby star Danny Care, made her name on dating game show Take Me Out, hosted by Paddy McGuinness. She appeared on the show for weeks in 2012 before getting a man in the final episode.

“No regrets,” she laughed. “That was definitely one of the highlights of my career and I made a lot of friends who I’ve kept in touch with.”

Money may not buy love, but online relationships have certainly made a wealthy man of Jack, from Stratford-upon-Avon.

The 25-year-old’s Complete Dating empire boasts 300,000 members. And last year he teamed up with Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton to launch a cyberdating venture for single mums,

“Online dating is becoming niche and location-based,” said Jack.

Jack and Lucy have been pals for years and decided to work together after both launched dating sites.

The sexy model’s single days may be numbered, however.